Activate your senses

Take part in a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Brisbane’s one and only Dining in the Dark restaurant.

The concept of eating in complete darkness heightens your senses of taste and smell, thus making your dining experience more enjoyable and allowing you to experience food in a whole new way. Our focus on this concept is to create a memorable evening of fine food and drinks whilst strengthening the skills of our staff recent to the industry.

We provide a unique sensory experience. We offer a three-course-meal and a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll remember forever.

Bookings are essential, call us on 07 3193 6314 to make a reservation.

Brisbane’s Only Dine-in-the-Dark Restaurant

When you’re eating with us at Dining in the Dark in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, you’re bound to have some questions. We won’t keep you in the dark. Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What is dining in the dark?

The concept is eating in complete darkness therefore heightening your sense of taste and smell thus making your dining experience more enjoyable.

The focus of our take on the concept is to create a memorable evening of fine food and drinks whilst strengthening the skills of our staff recent to the industry.

What are your trading hours?

This is dependent on bookings and other events scheduled for the venue. Please contact us to confirm.  

Do I need to make a reservation or can I just walk-in?

Reservations are essential. All reservations can be made by calling 07 3193 6314.

Are children allowed?

Only children aged 15 and older are permitted.

What is the dress code?

We recommend smart casual as it looks nicer for photos and selfies.

I am pregnant, can I dine here safely?

Definitely! Our restaurant is the same as any other restaurant, just dark… very dark. 

How do we eat in the dark? How do we know whether we have finished?

Be creative! Find a method you’re most comfortable with. We won’t tell. 

What do you serve?

We serve mainly western cuisine. No creepy-crawlies, promise. 

Do I have to choose the menu?

No, there is a set mystery menu only. Please let us know your food restrictions due to allergies/religion/health reasons etc. and we will make the alterations as necessary.

Do you serve vegetarian food?

Yes, we do. Simply let us know whether you are a vegetarian/vegan, and we will modify the menu accordingly.

How regularly do you change your menu?

We change our set mystery menu based on the season of the ingredients used.

Please check with us if you are re-visiting.

Will I be sharing a table with strangers?

No, unless you are on a blind date. You will have neighbours so don’t be shy and talk to them. You never know who’ll you bump into, they might turn out to be your new best friends!

How long will I be in the dark?

Our standard dining duration is approximately 90 minutes.

What happens if I’m uncomfortable and want to leave?

If the atmosphere does become uneasy for you, you can ask your waiter to take you outside the dining room to calm yourself or you can continue your meal in a lit area of the venue. 

Can the wait staff see us in the dark?

Yes, all wait/floor staff will be wearing night vision goggles. 

What if I need to use the bathroom during dinner?

You can ask your waiter to take you outside the dining room. The bathrooms are lit and you can go back to the dining room afterwards with the help of your waiter.

How dark is “dark”? 

Darker than you could imagine. Come and find out.

Can we take photos while in the dark?

It’s very, very, very dark. Any light source is not allowed. Mobile phones, watches, cameras, torches, matches, cigarette lighters and any other luminous gadgets that may produce light will need to be handed over and stored prior to entry. We would appreciate everyone to abide by this essential rule as each and everyone’s experience counts.

Why do we have to surrender our mobile phones? Can’t we just silence them and keep them in our pockets?

This is a concept restaurant, and we want all of you to relish the experience that you deserve. We recommend our guests to detach themselves from their worldly affairs and simply enjoy the meal and the fellowship with your dinner companion(s).

What if I need to be contacted by phone in case of an emergency?

Our venue phone is manned throughout the whole evening and you will be paged if needed. 

Will our items be stored securely?

All items are placed in a secure bag by you then sealed and signed by you and placed in a secure area. 

Tell me more about security inside the room.

Your safety is our top priority. Our staff are in the restaurant at all times. A pre-dinner orientation will outline and address all security matters. 

What about drink service? 

We are licenced 10am till midnight for you to enjoy pre and post dinner drinks. If you require drinks during meal service you can ask your waiter.